Hill Farm

Burnham Overy Staithe

Stunning secluded beach, includes salt marshes, boats and sand dunes, with a long 1 mile stretch walk.

This spot is also popular for hiring kayaks or even sailing, with simple launch ramps. A great place to absorb the picturesque view, before enjoying a stroll.


There is also a half-buried shipwreck at Brancaster. The wreck is the remains of the SS Vina which was used by the RAF for target practice before the Normandy landing prior to it accidentally sinking in 1944.  She was anchored further out to sea, but on the fateful date, she dragged her anchor in towards land and became stranded on one of the many sandbanks around this area. Great for pirate hunters!


Holkham is a stunning panoramic beach, which was the location for the closing scenes of the film 'Shakespere in Love'. The area is rich with varied wildlife found on the salt marshes. Birds are a particular attraction whether a single rare migrant or the spectacular sight of thousands of pink-footed geese.


Wells is an award winning beach but please be careful because the tide does come in very quickly. The location is designated an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. Nesting birds can also be found on the beach. In the town there are two excellent fish and chip shops - French's and Plattens. You can also crab fishing from the harbour wall.

Holme Nature Reserve

Norfolk’s northwest corner is home to Holme Nature Reserve. Holme Dunes are incredibly attractive to migrating birds and holds a variety of important habitats which support numerous other wildlife species including natterjack toads, butterflies and dragonflies, as well as a large number of interesting plants. Various military remains from the Second World War can be glimpsed around the reserve, including the remnants of a target-railway used to train artillery. Much earlier remains have also been discovered including Roman pottery and, in 1998, a well-preserved Bronze Age timber circle, which became known as ‘Seahenge’.